Friday, April 06, 2007

Poll: Do You Believe The 15 British Sailors & Marines Behaved Disgracefully?

What do you think of the conduct of the 15 British hostages?
They should have fought against the Iranians.
They were outgunned, and had no choice but to surrender.
They should have refused to write letters, and appear on TV.
Writing letters and appearing on TV is what kept them alive, and should be forgiven. free polls


1 comments to "Poll: Do You Believe The 15 British Sailors & Marines Behaved Disgracefully?"

Anonymous said...
11:17 PM

Lovely question. It's generally best not to put a leading question a the beginning of a poll. It betrays your own opinion.

PS The British sailors dealt with the situation well considering they were kidnapped, bound, blindfolded and subjected to psychological torture and a mock excecution.



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