Thursday, April 05, 2007

Iran Forces British Hostages To Grovel

No big surprise, but there were some interesting confirmations as well.

In the picture above from my previous post you'll notice that not all of the British are waving and smiling. As I told you here ... the Iranians were not showing anything below the upper chest in the released video "confessions." The reason is hand signals that are standard in military service to show that you are being coerced into saying what you are saying. Every country has different signals to mean different things. Iran knew this, and didn't show the hands of the British hostages in the videos.

Speaking to the president through a translator, each of the Brits was ushered up to him by flunkies and encouraged to flatter him. Operator Mechanic Nathan Summers — the “star” of an earlier propaganda video issued by Iran — said: “We appreciate it.

“Your people have been really kind to us, and we appreciate it very much. We are grateful for your forgiveness.” Ahmadinejad replied: “You are welcome.”

Gathered together in a line, the Brits were then all asked to wave and smile at a bank of cameras.

But three — Royal Marine Air, 25, and Marine colleagues Mark Banks, 24 and Danny Masterton, 26 — refused, keeping their hands defiantly in their pockets.

I guess Marines are tougher than swabs everywhere eh? Just kidding.

We are also learning that even though hands weren't shown ... there was defiance.

Brave hostage Lieutenant Felix Carman, 26, later refused to admit British ships were in Iranian waters when captured. He was being quizzed on local TV for a propaganda piece late last night and was asked if he had a message for the Iranian people. He said: “I can understand why you were insulted by our APPARENT intrusion into your waters.

Unlike the US media on this situation ... the British media is pretty pissed off at Iran for the treatment of the hostages. I've been listening to the talking heads in the US constantly complain, and rightfully so, that the US media didn't express any outrage towards Iran for this affair. However, the British media has been consistently angry at the violations of the Geneva Conventions.

The quotes above came from The Sun via Drudge.


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