Thursday, April 05, 2007

Iran Does Not Send Home Cure For AIDS With British Hostages


Those selfish bastards!

If you don't know about Iran's cure for AIDS ... where have you been? Actually, I'm one of only a couple who have covered it. You can read a little about it here.

When this whole British hostage thing got underway, and Iran promised to send the female sailor home with a present for her daughter, I hypothesized that the present would be Iran's cure for AIDS. What better way to smooth over relations with Britain, and the world, than by giving everyone the cure for AIDS?

Well, no such luck. Turns out that Iran sent home some CD's (what ... no free iTunes downloads), handicrafts, books, pistachio nuts, a Persian sweet called "gaz" and a vase.

WTF! You kidnapped these people illegally, violated their Geneva Conventions protections, risked war with Britain and the US, insulted western women, and put the hostages in poorly tailored suits only to give them the crap you couldn't sell at your yard sale last Saturday!


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