Monday, April 09, 2007

The Great Cadbury Egg Mystery


H/T: Hotair

Hotair has a video of actor B. J. Novak on Conan O'Brien exposing that Cadbury Eggs have shrunk since last year. I swore they had shrunk myself, but didn't really pay attention yesterday when my mom brought some over. She got me a few different kinds, as she does every year, because I'm a Cadbury freak. I immediately put them in the fridge, and noticed the regular Cadbury Egg was smaller than the other two (Butterfinger, Carmel). I thought that was odd, but immediately went back to visiting.

Today, I saw this:

I ran to my fridge and pulled out all three eggs. The regular Cadbury Egg is at least a 1/4 inch smaller than the other two in height and width. That's the picture you see above, but it is difficult to tell from that photo.

Novak tells Conan that the Cadbury site says the egg has not changed. Here's the proof:


Why has the size of the egg changed?

It hasn't - you've just grown up!

The problem is that the eggs are licensed for the US to be made by Hershey. The eggs everywhere else are the same size, but in the US the egg has shrunk.

I American site for the Cadbury Egg does NOT state that the egg is the same size. In fact, it doesn't mention it at all.

I sent an email complaint about the egg, and asking why we are getting the shaft here in the US. Of course, we all know why. Now the health freak crowd has interfered with my one time a year happiness, and I'm mad as hell.


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