Thursday, August 09, 2007

Whites No Longer Majority In 10% Of Counties ... 1/3 Of Most-Populous Counties...

Does that mean that white people can finally have our equivalents of the NAACP, BET, United Negro College Fund, affirmative action, and the other countless entities out there that benefit everyone except white people? Nah, that would still be racist.

NY Times:

In a further sign of the United States’ growing diversity, nonwhites now make up a majority in almost one-third of the most-populous counties in the country and in nearly one in 10 of all 3,100 counties, according to an analysis of census results to be released today.

The shift reflects the growing dispersal of immigrants and the suburbanization of blacks and Hispanics pursuing jobs generated by whites moving to the fringes of metropolitan areas.

Oh well, it's not like we can lose our jobs or businesses because we don't speak Spanish right? Oh yeah, we can lose work for not speaking Spanish, and this guy did lose his business.


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