Thursday, August 02, 2007

UPDATE: Looks Like CAIR Did Not Drop Lawsuit Against John Doe Passengers

Yesterday I told you that LGF was reporting that the AP's story that CAIR had dropped the passengers from the suit was false. It appears that we have confirmation that CAIR is still planning on suing the passengers for reporting suspicious behavior.

Washington Times:

A religious-freedom advocacy group yesterday asked a federal court to dismiss a lawsuit against airline passengers who reported suspicious behavior of a group of Muslim imams that resulted in their removal from a US Airways flight.

The amicus brief by the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty in the U.S. District Court of Minnesota was filed on behalf of "John Doe" passengers who are included in a lawsuit against the airline and the Minneapolis Metropolitan Airports Commission.

If CAIR had dropped the passengers then we wouldn't have this group requesting the passengers be dropped from the suit.

CAIR seems hell bent on taking it to the passengers anyway.

A second attorney for the imams told Judge Ann Montgomery during a hearing Tuesday, "We don't contemplate naming any private passenger as a defendant," KSTP-TV in Minneapolis reported.

Gerard Nolting, the lawyer who represents one of the "John Doe" passengers, called the statement "meaningless and disingenuous" because "tomorrow they may contemplate adding the passengers" by name.

The statements CAIR has been making about this case are vague, and could be used to by time without having public scrutiny.


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