Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Judge Orders Taxpayers To Pay For Sex-Change Of Inmate

I've already done a couple of shows on this case, but this is the latest ruling in the matter. Basically, we have a guy in prison who castrated himself, and wants to become a woman. He has fought successfully to have his treatment paid for by the taxpayers because he is in prison.

Well, those taxpayers went to court in order to not be responsible for paying for this treatment, and a judge gave them a big 'ol F.U.


A family values organization is criticizing a judge's ruling that taxpayers must pay for a sex-change treatment for a state prison inmate.

The inmate, in jail for possession of a stolen car and escape, believes "she is a woman trapped in a man's body," according to the report, and "castrated herself using a disposable razor blade" in a prison cell when state prison physicians declined to prescribe estrogen.

The inmate then filed a lawsuit against the Idaho Department of Correction, alleging a violation of constitutional rights for that refusal.

Now Judge Mikel Williams, of U.S. District Court, ordered the state to provide the inmate with psychotherapy and estrogen pending a trial.

Bryan Fischer, the executive director of the Idaho Values Alliance called it judicial activism "at its worst."

"Judge Williams has taken it upon himself to normalize transgenderism, and is forcing Idaho's taxpayers to subsidize a twisted approach to resolving gender identity disorders," Fischer said.

"This inmate is obviously severely conflicted, but he is a male in every single cell of his body. If any taxpayer dollars are going to be spent on his therapy, they should be spent helping him to embrace the sexual identity he was assigned at birth," he continued.

Naturally, the gay community is happy about the ruling.


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