Thursday, August 30, 2007

Test - How Much Do You Know About The War In Iraq?

I made a 13 answer quiz online about the war.

You can take it here. Just click the 'do the test' button, and you are on your way. Let me know what you think, and spread it around. I'm doing a case study on it.

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So far 757 people have taken the quiz, and the results are getting better. After initial problems with people passing the test ... now 61% of you have scored 80% or better, and 69% of you have said the test was very good.

Thanks again for the participation, and good luck on the exam.

Update 2:

Over 1000 people have now taken the test in a little over a day. The class curve is dropping somewhat again after making a resurgence yesterday evening.

59% of you have answered 80% or more of the questions right, but 68% still say the test is very good.

Update 3:

Wow, the test is really taking off! 1245 people have taken the test as of this moment. 58% of you have received 80-100% of the questions right, and 68% of you said the test was very good. There is a small group of people who say the test is very bad, but these are hacks who won't ever bother to check out the facts I gave in the answer explanation.

Update 4:

Almost 1400 people have taken the test! I can't believe how popular it has been, and I haven't even posted it on some of the major bookmark sites yet. The stats are about the same as the last update.


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