Thursday, August 23, 2007

Muslim American To Challenge Harry Reid For Senate


Well, this should be good.


Mansoor Ijaz says he is considering testing his wings against none other than Majority Leader Reid.

An American Muslim of Pakistani heritage, Ijaz is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Virginia. At 46, he's the founder and president of the Crescent Investment Group of New York, which sports former CIA Director James Woolsey, Lt. Gen. James Abrahamson, and Gen. James L. Jones as members of its advisory board.

Ijaz's corporate biography notes that Crescent "is investing private equity to develop technologies that protect vital infrastructure and secure against an array of terrorist threats."

Among the companies where he's listed as chairman are WorldSpectrum, which is developing "high-altitude airships ... to provide telecommunications, surveillance and disaster management functions."

There's also Eco-Drive Technologies, which focuses on developing advanced hybrid automobiles, and Crescent Hydropolis Resorts, which touts itself as a developer of underwater hotels and resorts.

I told you he was intriguing.

He's written many op-ed pieces on terrorism and foreign relations in major newspapers and magazines. He's also appeared on CNN and Fox News, among others, on the subjects of terrorism and the Muslim world.

Ijaz made headlines when he made an effort to negotiate a counterterrorism agreement between the Sudan and the United States during the Clinton administration. He's been attacked by critics, including former members of the Clinton administration, for his insistence that he had persuaded the Sudan to turn over the location of Osama bin Laden, only to find the United States too distracted. Although right-leaning media outlets have made much of the Sudanese issue, according to the 9/11 Commission didn't find credible evidence to support the most dramatic claims.

Ijaz, who calls himself an independent, also is listed as a generous contributor to Democratic Party causes, including $525,000 on Al Gore's behalf, according to The Washington Post. Although he's never run for public office, Ijaz obviously understands what makes the campaign wheels turn.

John L. ends his piece flawlessly ...

Would Republicans embrace him? Would Democrats stop laughing long enough to take him seriously?

I suppose you'd like me to direct you to some of his work now? Fine then, have at it.

On Iran having nuclear weapons.

Iran and nuclear terrorism.

On Muhammad cartoons (scroll down).

Dubai Ports.

So, would you support a Muslim running against a politician you want removed?


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ELIMN8U said...
8:46 PM

Let's see now...Vote for Harry "Cut-N-Run, The Surge has Failed Before It's Begun" Reid -OR- Mansoor "Here's Bin Laden On A Silver Platter" that even a question????



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