Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Hillary Lies To Black Journalists


We all know what Hillary Care is ... it's socialized health care. There can be no denying it ... unless, of course, you're Hillary.

Last week, here in Vegas, we had the National Association of Black Journalists in town, and Hillary spoke at the convention. She was asked a very solid question by a journalist about the negative impacts her socialized health care plan would have on the black community.

Here's her response ...


U.S. Sen. Hillary Clinton, campaigning for president, faced a rare skeptical question at a gathering of the National Association of Black Journalists in Las Vegas last week. Why does the Democrat insist on pushing socialized medicine, "particularly when it will hurt African-American communities more than anybody else?" she was asked.

"I have never advocated socialized medicine," the former first lady replied. "That has been a right-wing attack on me for 15 years."

Uh ... yeah ... that whole "vast right wing conspiracy" thing again.

Before we continue, allow me to define socialized medicine for you.

Socialized Medicine:

Socialized medicine can refer to any system of medical care controlled and financed by the government.


1. To place under government or group ownership or control.
2. To make fit for companionship with others; make sociable.
3. To convert or adapt to the needs of society.

Ok, does everyone have it? If health care is placed under government control, and is funded by taxes ... it is socialized health care. It is not a conspiratorial attack on Hillary.

Unfortunately, some of us still have copies of the 1,300-page proposed "Health Security Act" crafted by Mrs. Clinton's secret committee in 1993. Under it, a patient who "stepped out of line" and offered to pay cash for a doctor's services would have been subject to criminal penalties.

But such heavy reading is hardly required. What is the rationale of the nanny-staters for all their new seat belt laws, helmet laws, child restraint laws? That "everyone" will have to pay our medical costs if we're injured, of course.

That's socialized medicine. Or does Sen. Clinton regularly vote against ongoing allocations for Medicare, Medicaid and SCHIP?

Why is Hillary trying so hard to hide from her own plan? It is what it is, and you can't spin it become something else.

Hillary, you just got pwned!

To read what the exchange entailed, and Hillary's lies on the socialized health care of other nations go HERE.


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