Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Tyranny Of The Cloth


The Pope sure likes his oppressive image doesn't he? It seems that every time he opens his mouth he spews butt-vomit of the oppressive nature.

Fox News:

For the second time in a week, Pope Benedict XVI has corrected what he says are erroneous interpretations of the Second Vatican Council, reasserting the primacy of the Roman Catholic Church and saying other Christian communities were either defective or not true churches.

Benedict approved a document released Tuesday from his old office, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, which repeated church teaching on Catholic relations with other Christians.

While there was nothing doctrinally new in the document, it nevertheless prompted swift criticism from Protestants, Lutherans and other Christian denominations spawned by the 16th century reformation.

"It makes us question the seriousness with which the Roman Catholic Church takes its dialogues with the Reformed family and other families of the church," said the World Alliance of Reformed Churches, which groups 75 million Reformed Christians in 214 churches in 107 countries.

Looks like the Pope has forgotten why so many other Christian denominations sprung up in the day. It's because the Catholic church was anything but holy, and certainly did not live by the word of God.

This so called document says that Christ established only one church on Earth, and guess which church that was? It then said that other churches are "not valid." As if Christ was cool with the Catholic Church running around murdering and torturing innocent people. Maybe there was something to those Nazi roots after all.


2 comments to "Tyranny Of The Cloth"

Anonymous said...
12:54 PM

which repeated church teaching on Catholic relations with other Christians.

While there was nothing doctrinally new in the document,

Hmmm, what part of "repeated church teaching" and "nothing new" escapes you? Your post is nothing more than a nasty swipe at the largest religous, educational and humanitarian organization in the world.

To be clear, I'm not Catholic, I'm just annoyed when a conservative blogger comes off sounding like a Kossack.

Casey said...
1:55 PM

That's because you haven't followed what I've been saying about the Pope. Nothing I've written has anything to do with the Catholic religion. It is directed at the Pope's repeated comments that not only offends other Christians, but offends Catholics as well.

This document was a repeal of the Second Vatican Council in the 1960's. Considering that the church has proclaimed a desire to reach out to other Christians ... this is a clear contrast to that objective.

It is one thing to believe your faith is the best for you ... it is another to proclaim all others as invalid.



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