Friday, July 06, 2007

TB Andy Being Sued ... Says He Was Tricked Into Isolation

This crap head continues to dig himself deeper every time he opens his big dumb mouth.

The TB infected lawyer who ignored medical advice, and refused to go into isolation when ordered to do so, is now saying that he was tricked into going into quarantine.


The globe-trotting tuberculosis patient who sparked an international public health incident in May said Friday that he was tricked into a federal quarantine.

Andrew Speaker, a 31-year-old Atlanta, Georgia, attorney, said he would have gladly gone into isolation if health officials had asked him to. Instead, he said they asked him to swing by a New York City hospital for testing after his European vacation, then posted armed guards outside his door.

"They tried to trick me when it was unnecessary," Speaker said from a Colorado hospital where he has been under treatment for a month.

Hey dick head! They wouldn't have tricked you if you weren't ignoring all of their instructions in the first place! You had already refused to go into isolation once. Why should they have believed you'd actually turn yourself in this time?

He said he has no current plans to sue health officials at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or other government agencies.

"I'm worried about people coming after me," he said in a lengthy interview with The Associated Press.

He should be worried that people are going to come after him ... they are!

The Star:

MONTREAL–The American personal-injury lawyer who caused a health scare after flying despite being infected with a potent form of tuberculosis is facing a lawsuit by three of his fellow passengers.

Montreal lawyer Anlac Nguyen says is he is planning to file a lawsuit in Quebec court next week against Andrew Speaker.

The plaintiffs in the proposed lawsuit include two Czech sisters who sat next to Speaker while on their way to a family reunion in Montreal, as well as a man who works and lives in Laval, Que.

Nguyen says Speaker unnecessarily put people at risk by travelling against doctor's orders.

"We think that Mr. Speaker has committed a fault and put people into inconvenience and suffering and therefore there should be some compensation," he said.

In a notice of the lawsuit sent to Speaker three weeks ago, damages were listed at $100,000 for each of the sisters and at $60,000 for the Laval man, who was sitting further away.

It also seems the Czech authorities are giving the ladies a hard time, and more passengers may be added to the lawsuit.


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Michael said...
3:27 PM

His statements seem so innocent and intelligent. The video says his doctor agrees that he isn't as sick as the CDC claims.

-- Michael, for the US Desk at



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