Monday, July 16, 2007

President Of Eastern Michigan University Fired For Covering Up Rape, Murder

John Fallon was fired for his part in the cover up of the murder and rape of Laura Dickinson.

Fox News:

The president of Eastern Michigan University was fired, months after top university officials were accused of covering up the rape and slaying of a student by publicly ruling out foul play.

Always nice to know that a university will defend their image more than your children.

The body of the slain student, Laura Dickinson, 22, was discovered Dec. 15 in her dorm room. At the time, university officials told her parents and the media that she died of asphyxiation but that there was no sign of foul play, despite evidence to the contrary.

It wasn't until another Eastern student was arrested in late February and charged with murder that her family and fellow students learned she had been raped and killed.

The university has a real image problem already, but now they will be lucky if they can scrape by the next few years with enrollment.


2 comments to "President Of Eastern Michigan University Fired For Covering Up Rape, Murder"

Dave E. said...
5:50 AM

Why is it that none of the stories I have read about this case mention any involvment by police or a coroner ? Isn't it the responsibility of local coroners/police to investigate the cause ? These stories mention nothing about autopsy results or police actions. How is it that a school could prevent a police investigation of a suspicious death ?

Casey said...
10:13 PM

The police ruled it a murder and rape, but the school hid that fact from the student body by saying that it was not murder.



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