Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Sports Cars To Be Outlawed

I have long wondered why our beloved SUV's have been labeled as the worst cars on the road for global warming. Why is it that we only talk about improving an SUV's gas mileage? After all, they are not the least fuel efficient vehicles on the road.

I suppose this could be just another way of communism working to attack the American family, or it could simply be that rich people who own carbon credit companies don't want to get rid of their toys. In either case, Europe is looking to ban sports cars.


If one of the more extreme responses to global warming comes true, driving a sports car anywhere but on a racetrack might be relegated to history's dustbin.

Fast, powerful cars within a few years may be outlawed in Europe, an idea that has been raised ostensibly because Ferraris and Porsches produce too much carbon dioxide. For those who abhor sports cars as vulgar symbols of affluence (along with vacation homes, furs and fancy jewelry), such a ban could be a two-fer: Saving the planet while cutting economic inequality.

It's a nice touch how the article attacks people who have succeeded enough in life to afford such a car, isn't it? Bottom line is that sports cars get worse gas mileage than SUV's.

The 2007 list of least fuel efficient vehicles has various models of Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Bentley, Ferrari, Audi, and Mercedes ... no SUV's. Now it looks like someone has taken my question to heart.

Chris Davies, a British member of the European Parliament, is proposing one of the most-extreme measures -- a prohibition on any car that goes faster than 162 kilometers (101 miles) an hour, a speed that everything from the humble Honda Civic on up can exceed. He ridiculed fast cars as ``boys' toys.''

I've been saying something very similar for years. What possible reason could there be to have fast vehicles? Other than the "I want it" mentality. I even wrote about the government not being interested in reducing the speeds of vehicles because they will lose a major source of income by way of the speeding ticket.

All in all I believe that people should have the freedom to own what they wish, but at least a greenie somewhere has answered the question I have posed for so many years. Now we have to wait and see if jealousy of the rich, and environmentalism kills the sports car.


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