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The 10 Worst NFL Uniforms, & The 5 Best.

There are several of these lists floating around online, and know doubt you've read a few yourself. Everyone has an opinion, and that is just what this is ... MY opinion. After reading list after list and disagreeing with other people's opinions ... I figured I would publish my own list. For the purpose of this post I will focus on the home uniforms mostly used by the teams. I also won't pay any attention to throwbacks or alternates because they are only used sparingly.

Please feel free to include your list in the comments below.

10 Worst NFL Uniforms

10: Detroit Lions

The Lions have made a vast improvement over their old unis with their current threads, but they still leave something to be desired. While not "ugly" they could use some further tweaking, and have the potential to be a world class uniform. It also may be time for an upgrade of the logo. It should be noted that the new black jersey is fantastic. Perhaps the Lions should look at adding a little more black highlights to compliment their blue.

9: Minnesota Vikings

Yet another victim of "better than before, but still not good enough." The Vikings are on the right track, but I have no idea what they can do to make those unis better. They may be the victim of their purple/yellow combo. At least the Ravens have a sinister purple/black scheme.

8: Buffalo Bills

Now this is a shame. The Bills have a great color scheme. It doesn't get much better than red, white, and blue after all. The problem is they don't put them together well. First of all, the solid dark works for many teams ... just not the Bills. Second, the helmet flat out sucks ass.

7: Oakland Raiders

This one is a little strange for me because I like black. I also like silver, and I like the two of them together. The Raiders just look unfinished to me. I wouldn't propose any major changes, but I'd add some details to give the Raiders a more finished look. I'd also make sure they change their logo.

I think it's about time the drastic logo change gets done. Seriously, does the Raiders logo accurately represent a raider, or the Raiders' attitude? Of course it doesn't. If you were at sea and the raider who was trying to rob you looked like the Raiders' logo you'd be less worried about them stabbing you in the stomach, and more worried about them stabbing you in the ass ... if you know what I mean. It's time to give the Black Hole a worthy logo.

6: Kansas City Chiefs

I'll admit that I have a problem with red helmets paired with red jerseys, and that's probably the main reason I've never liked the Chiefs uniforms. I really don't have anything more than that to add. I just don't care for them.

5: Tennessee Titans

Another case of I just don't like them. I didn't care for the oilers before them, and I don't care for the Titans now. I think it's the helmet ... which is hideous. I give mad props to the Titans though because they are one of the few teams that will invest in several different uniforms to keep it fresh. I wish all teams did that.

4: Indianapolis Colts

I've run into several other lists like this online that love the Colts' uniforms. My question is ... why? If there was ever a too minimalist approach to a sports uniform this is it. Yes the Colts unis are classic, and that should be respected. However, you can have a classic look while still having a modern uniform.

Their uniforms remind me of one thing ... pee wee football. This is exactly the uniform you get when you are a kid. It's time for the Colts to grow up.

3: San Fransisco 49ers

I have never been a fan of the 49ers' uniforms ... even when Montana was hitting Rice and making history. I despise the red/gold combo, but the white pants sometimes worn are a step in the right direction. Are the 49ers a professional football team, or a poorly wrapped Christmas present?

2: Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins uniforms should be San Fransisco's uniforms. It's hard to imagine a uniform that better represents fruit than these. At least Florida has a lot of citrus crops to take the fall as the inspiration for this utterly dismal design. I've seen other lists make fun of the Seahawks' sea foam color while ignoring the Dolphins far more offensive aqua. Nothing screams toughness like aqua.

Does anyone else find it odd that the Dolphins logo is tougher looking than the Raiders'?

I have good news for Dolphins fans, and the rest of us forced to burn our retinas on these eyesores ... there are rumors that the dolphins are going to change their unis this upcoming season. Many are speculating that they will announce this at the draft. Dear God let's hope so.

Finally, here it is ... the ugliest uniform in the NFL.

1: Cleveland Browns

I've noticed a strange correlation between the other lists online, and the Browns being listed as one of the best NFL uniforms. I smell a conspiracy among Browns fans. After decades of the Browns uniforms being universally acknowledged as the ugliest in the NFL, Browns fans are fighting back. Good for them, but that doesn't change the undeniable horridness of their uniforms.

To make matters worse, the Browns had a free pass for a do over when they moved to Baltimore. Hell, the first thing the Ravens did was shed the ugly unis of their past. When the fans of Cleveland demanded the Browns come back ... they succeeded. A perfect opportunity to design a new uniform that would be respected by fans around the league was squandered as the Cleveland Browns went back to the old and ugly uniforms of yesteryear. I can remember have many discussions with fellow fans who were also stunned that the Browns brought back the crap colored uniforms. The reason the Browns are number 1 for the ugliest uniform in the NFL is blatantly obvious ... they can only be described as repugnant.

There you have my 10 worst NFL uniforms list, but what about the 5 best? You'll find my list of the 5 best uniforms in the NFL below.

Top 5 NFL Uniforms

5: Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons have had a history of so so uniforms. They went with red ... they went with black ... finally, someone suggested to put red and black together while using white as a buffer between the two. This novel idea took the Falcons into the 21st century as far as uniforms go. Everything about the new threads is better than the past, and they look good when they take the field.

4: Seattle Seahawks

I've seen several list who hate the new Seahawks unis, but seriously ... come on! There are more than 8 colors in the world to use on a uniform, but anytime a team shows some originality people freak out. Not only are the Seahawks uniforms infinitely better than anything they've ever had, but they accurately represent the pacific northwest that the Seahawks call home.

The sea foam, green, white, and blue all complement each other to make a great looking original uniform. The Seahawks look sharp in a uniform that hasn't been ripped off from any other team, and that accurately represents their home ... few teams can say that.

3: Houston Texans

Now this team looks sharp! Finally an expansion team that got their uniforms right. I can't say enough about the Texans' uniforms ... the color combo, number of uniforms, stellar logo, and a perfect blend of modern and traditional style make them one of my hands down favorites in all of sports.

The Texans took their uniforms seriously when they entered the NFL, and it shows. Not only does it show in the colors, but the logo says a lot about how proud that organization is. Virtually all modern expansion teams have bad logos. Just look at the Ravens, Panthers, Titans and Jaguars to see what I mean. The Texans straight up look good!

2: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa Bay used to have the honor of ugliest uniforms with their old tangerine jerseys. People used to make fun of the Bucs because they looked like girls even though the tangerine is a hell of a lot more manly than aqua. A little while back Tampa got sick and tired of being the laughing stock of the NFL, and they went as far away from "fruity" as possible. Tampa Bay wanted their new look to strike fear in their opponents. They wanted to be the bully now, and they succeeded on both counts.

It was instantaneous that the Bucs became a new team the moment they got their new uniforms. Perhaps they had designed a uniform that intimidated their opponents. Of the two pirate teams in the NFL, only the Bucs truly represent the savage nature of a pirate. As with the Seahawks, the Bucs branched out from the traditional 8 colors for their uniforms, and went with a pewter. Some may say that the Bucs look like the 49ers (and we all know how much I hate the 49ers' uniforms), but if you think that ... you are a dink. The Bucs have a truly original uniform that accurately represents their mascot, and the historical heritage of the waters of their coast.

A pirate is not a pirate without a jolly roger flag, and the Bucs were wise to put on their helmets. Pirates need a symbol that lets everyone know that they mean business, and that they are truly vicious pirates ... not butt pirates (listen up Oakland). For originality, colors, accurate representation, and a menacing look ... the Bucs are second on my list.

The best looking uniform in the NFL is ...

1: Chicago Bears

I'll admit I'm biased because I'm a die hard Bears fan, but I'm not biased like Browns fans in that I'm not delusional enough to say my team's uniforms are the best simply because they are my team. No, the Bears are universally acknowledged to have one of the best uniforms in the NFL, and even all of professional sports. Most lists have the Bears in the top 3. So it isn't a stretch at all to put them at number one.

Bear blue is not only original, but it is timeless as well. The Bears have found a way to maintain their traditional look throughout the decades while still keeping the team looking fresh and new. If only the Colts would pay attention to this process. The Bears' uniform has changed little over the years, but they have been great at "tweaking" their timeless look to keep up with modern style. This talent has kept the Bears' uniforms one of most liked by football fans for decades. I would like to see the Bears branch out a little in an alternate design, but I never want them to get rid of their classic look. It isn't just these great points that make the Bears' uniforms my favorite, but the fact that they honor "Papa Bear" himself George Stanley Halas on their sleeves by imprinting GSH. Now that is classy.


76 comments to "The 10 Worst NFL Uniforms, & The 5 Best."

Anonymous said...
1:07 PM

Your delusional.
The Bears have the best uniform????
The Falcons in the top 5??
The flying rats,i mean Seahawks in the top 5????
Why not the Skins in the 10 worst?
Most of your bottom ten beat teams you didn't mention like the Cards and Crows.
Most of he teams you didn't metion beat all the teams in your top 5.

Eh,everyone is entitled to an opinion.Even if it hurts the ears of wisdom and sensability.

Anonymous said...
9:27 PM

the overdone "new" style of the bengals, SEAHAWKS, cardinals, bills, and especially the FALCONS are the virus that is infecting the NFL uniform. As a diehard Lions fan, i must say i disapprove of the multiple layers of black/white/silver/honolulu but nothing is worse than the unnecessary piping, overdone sleves, and gaudy pants demonstrated by the bills, falcons, cardinals, and bengals. these teams need to find a more simplistic, classic yet updated look in order to even be mentioned in the same category of the bills' throwbacks, 9ers' throwbacks,vikings' throwbacks, or the jaguars. admittedly i am a throwback fantatic...and i just love the solid black the jags (and occasionally the ravens) sometimes sport. Though i admit that black is taking over the NFl, this is sometimes for the better, so long as tradition and pride is not replaced with gaudiness and disney-like interpratations of "style"

Anonymous said...
3:16 PM

chiefs? #6 worst uniform, you have got to be kidding me. i wouldnt say its the BEST jerseys but definitely not the worst. and the cowboys have got to be in that top five, putting the seahawks out

Anonymous said...
1:01 PM

the ravens and titans aren't expansion teams

Casey said...
9:44 AM

Yes the Ravens and Titans are expansion teams. I realize they were moved from other cities, but they also renamed themselves. Had they kept the same name they would have simply been teams who moved.

You could say the Texans aren't an expansion team given their name and city (both have been used before by other teams), but in reality they are.

Technically, the Browns are an expansion team as well.

Most of the uniforms that didn't get listed are just in between. Decent uniforms, but not worthy of praise or scorn.

It is funny how some tend to revert to juvenile behavior when talking about uniforms. It's opinion folks ... if you disagree, make your own list. That's the reason I made this one. I was tired of disagreeing with the lists that everyone else posted.

Brian said...
12:38 PM

You're an idiot! The Browns have the absolute BEST uniforms in any sport in history!!! Also, i think the chiefs definitely need an upgrade and the 49ers are due to revamp their uniforms in 2009, so we'll see how they end up.

Daniel said...
11:18 AM

Don't know about Da Bears as #1 but hey, like you said, it's an opinion. I would put the Cowboys up there in the top 5. And I like the Seahawks too. I think the Cards need a major upgrade. But my biggest gripe is the Bills. How does an NFL team have a uni like that? The stripes on their pants and jerseys don't even match. It looks like they had some extra blue tape so they added a tiny little stripe on their helmet and sleeves. Their uniform looks like three different people bought their helmet, jersey and pants and didn't bother talking before they went shopping.

docweasel said...
5:17 AM

You just aren't consistent. You call the Browns and Colts old fashioned and ugly, and at the same time rank the Bears at the top.

The Browns, Bears and Colts unis are classics, and sticking with them is cool, because its football.

Nothing is cooler than the teams like those mentioned and Pack and the Giants and the Steelers and the "frozen tundra this week in the NFL" memories that come flooding back with these great unis and helmet logos.

I fucking hate teams who look like basketball teams. I'm not a fan of the "modern" style of uniform, which is basically design something that makes good merchandising to the gang bangers. Fuck the inner-city gangstas, all the pointy flares on the logos and black on black on black color schemes (how long until every frippin' team has BLACK as one of it's main colors) Black should be banned for every team but the Raiders and Steelers and every team should have to go back to the drawing board and come up with new, original colors.

Any team whose uni or logo looks like the Grizzlies or the Timber Wolves should also be forced to redesign.

Anonymous said...
12:15 PM

You are a moron.

Anonymous said...
6:10 PM

This list is horrible.

Anonymous said...
2:09 PM

Miami #1

Anonymous said...
6:52 PM

this list sucks balls none of the top 5 were good, and some of the "worst" are actually the best.
Heres my best:
1. SD powder blues
2. Miami home jersey
3. Redskins home jersey
4. Ravens black on black
5. Rams home jersey white pants

THats my list

Linus said...
6:50 PM

Obviously this is a Bears fan. How can you NOT even have the Charger Throwbacks on the top five let alone not number one best?!

(Seattle's are nasty by the way)

Anonymous said...
8:41 AM

What??,Were u on drugs when you made this list. This is nonsense!!!!
49ERS 4 Life!!!!

Anonymous said...
10:26 AM

ya this list kinda does blow...

1. SD powder blues (easily)
2. Ravens all black
3. Dallas
4. houston
5. oakland

Gil said...
1:53 AM

i cannot see how the cowboys aren't on the worst list, they are DULL! They never mix it up, them (like the dolphins) only wear their white uniforms now!

What happened to the good days where teams used to wear their colored unis when they were home, this isn't the NBA or MLB!

The cowboys have awful white uniforms. They are the only team in the NFL that has two different alternating unis, their navy jerseys have a star on the sleeve, meanwhile their boring white ones only have two stripes on the sleeves!

You're leaving out Denver and Pittsburgh on your best jerseys list! Tampa has a good jersey, not great, but good. Denver's was revolutionary and simplistic, it doesn't require a person to squint and ask "whats going on there?" as i find myself doing with the complexness of the Arizona Cardinals and Cincinnati Bengals. As for Pittsburgh, its the only city in sports that all the teams there share the same colors (PIRATES, STEELERS, PENGUINS), they all wear black and gold! and they are clearly the most intimidating jerseys of all time!

i agree with a lot of your list, but not all. email me if you want a better conversation about it,


Anonymous said...
12:35 AM

You ragged on miami because aqua wasn't intimidating and then you put seattle in your top five?

Ask around, Miami has the best uniforms. The colors are so original yet it works. All the color fit nicely with each other, not like seattle that just splashes one ugly color as both the helmet, jersey and pants and thinks it looks good.

Miami has aqua, a lot of white, and a touch of orange that blends suprisingly well.

Anonymous said...
12:29 PM

you suck.

Charlie said...
6:03 PM

I agree and disagree on your picks.
I like the Browns, Chiefs, and Dolphins

I have mixed feelings about the falcons, and my home town seahawks

But I do love da Bears.

Check out my football blog with similar lists.

Anonymous said...
2:53 PM

You obviously are deluded. The Dolphins second worse you are crazy.
The Browns clearly have the worse but anyone would agree with you.
The Falcons one of the best? Quit smoking crack.
The Raiders tend to be voted one of the best but I never liked them. Of course it is subjective but the Saints have the worse color scheme and the Chargers the best.

Brett said...
5:52 PM

The worst list is pretty funny,But the Browns are #5 best. The ABSOLUTE worst uniform in all of sports is the Giants away jersey. White with lame red numbers and grey pants??? They took Gangs f New York a little too serious!!! this guy really hates gay people. though. I would place the Bears in the bottom for the same reason as the colts. The best list is terrible!!!!
1: Redskins
2. Chargers Powder Blues
3. Black on black Ravens
4. Cardinals
5. Steelers black on black

Brett said...
5:54 PM

Sorry, the Browns are #6 best. It is pretty ballsy to wear brown on such a crappy team!

Jimmy said...
7:58 PM

I agree with most of what you said, except for the Bears having the best uniforms. I think the Patriots would hold that title. The Bears are in the same 'plain old boring' group with the Packers, Lions, and Chiefs, although the Browns have the worst by far! On the good side, I would also have to give honorable mention to the Panthers, Cardinals, and maybe Chargers. I'm anxious to see the new uniforms this year..... I just wish Dallas would make some changes. Nor complete overhaul, just some update.... Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...
5:02 PM

Wow. You are a f**king idiot.

Anonymous said...
1:29 AM

Aside from the Bears, whose uniforms are decent, your top 5 list would probably make up my bottom 5. As in the absolute worst. You clearly don't have a clue what you're talking about. The Falcons have the worst unis in football, and you have them as one of the best? Truly idiotic.

And the Raiders, Chiefs, and Colts all have fantastic uniforms.

You are truly a moron.

Anonymous said...
8:01 PM

Nothing wrong with simple - Colts and Raiders unis look great! I agree the Texans' came out of the chute with a good look. The Bears have a great uni, but "Bear Blue" is no original - George borrowed the colors from my Illini. Never liked the giant stripe on the Steeler's pants - otherwise, a good look.

I'm a Bucs fan, but their unis have too many stripes on the pants and around the numbers.

Some of my favorites:

- Chargers (powder or dark blue, white or blue helmet; that lightning bolt is awesome!)
- Raiders
- Packers
- Cowboys (white, not blue)
- Seahawks (the only monochrome uniform in the league that looks good - others look like high school teams)
- Cardinals

My Detestable list:
- Falcons
- Bills
- Vikings (old ones were much better)
- Saints all black (of all the monochromes, this is the worst). Oops, I take that back - I just remembered the Dolphins all-aqua game.

Anonymous said...
11:07 AM

how can you say the bears have the best uniforms, and the colts have one of the worst?? their basically the same damn thing, just different colors! you're an idiot. both uniforms suck, and i live in indy. ive been saying they need new unis for years.

Anonymous said...
2:49 PM

you're obviously an idiot and don't have any knowledge of design or color theory. Bears blue is original though, and they have unique number point for that. I hate the cowboys and the chargers, but the powder blue chargers and thanksgiving cowboys uniforms are good. Steelers and 2009 Niners uniforms take the cake...original logo design from pitt and original color combination from the bay.

Derrick said...
7:18 PM

casey your an idiot. the titans are NOT an expansion team. the oilers moved and changed their name but they kept ALL of their history. they are by no means an expansion team.

Anonymous said...
9:17 PM

Why did u bother you are clueless,,,,!!

Anonymous said...
7:46 PM

Oakland Raiders got the best w/o a doubt. Raiders are the only team who have a color combo (black & silver home or black & white away) that can be worn with any color.

Anonymous said...
10:30 PM

you're an idiot.

Anonymous said...
12:27 AM

I love the fact that most of the people who hate this list do so anonymously. Personally, I'm of the belief that because everyone has an opinion, when you make a list like this no one will be satisfied. Everyone will say, "WHY ISN'T [insert team here] IN THE BEST UNIFORMS LIST?! OMG THE BEARS UNIS SUCK!!1!" That being the case, I'll leave my opinion at this: as a Texan fan, I love that a non-Texan fan is showing our uniforms a little love. And if I had my say so, the Oakland Raiders would be banned from football until they got a real look that isn't from a discount bin.

Matt said...
1:23 PM

This comment has been removed by the author.
Matt said...
1:47 PM

Absolutely horrible list. How can you possibly justify putting the bears at number one, they wouldn't even make the top 15. In fact, I would for sure rank them one of the worst uniforms in football, they simply are boring and dull to look at. Don't get me wrong I do respect the fact that they are keeping it simple and staying true to the roots but still their uniforms blow. Also the Seahawks and Buccs have pretty awful uniforms...not really sure how they got in the top 5. Overall this just about the worst rankings list of any kind I've seen in a while, my one piece of advice to the author...Don't quit your day job.

Oh and one more thing, the Titans and Ravens are definitely not expansion teams. They are not new franchises, they simply moved cities, there was no "expansion" of the league required. Which is where the term "expansion team" is derived.

Anonymous said...
4:30 PM

This is ridiculous. Obviously you guys are just going to pick your favorite team, and say they have the best uniform.

Anonymous said...
8:08 PM

Wow...your lists are quite horrible. For actually think the Vikings IMPROVED their look? Hardly...their "old" uniforms were classic and fine. They are a team that gave in to the crappy "modern" look that is so overplayed now it's not funny. They went from classic to crap. You think the Colts have some of the worst? Again...that's insane; as is your inclusion of the freakin' Raiders and Chiefs. Those 3 are some of the best in the league, if for nothing else they haven't fallen prey to the stupid new stripey trent (see Vikings, Falcons). I do agree the Bills' uniforms suck but they're the WORST by far.

Now you turn around and put the Falcons and Seahawks in your Top 5.....are you serious? I do applaud the Falcons for going back to the red jersey full time, but the design is awful. And the Seahawks...BARF. Plus they are the ones that helped push the Unitard movement. I'll give you the Bears have one of the best uniforms in the league, but you're so inconsistent it's not funny. The Bears are great but the Colts, Chiefs, and Raiders are not? Please!

Karl said...
6:42 AM

The Titans and Ravens are clearly not expansion teams considering the NFL did not expand to include them. That would be the root of the term expansion. They relocated to other cities but no franchises were added. The new Browns however were an expansion team because the NFL expanded the number of teams in the league to include them. As for your list, garbage. The Falcons uniforms look like dog vomit and you have them in the top 5. Awful.

Anonymous said...
12:58 PM

top 5 uni's in the NFL
1. SD Powder blue- clearly the best looking jersey in the NFL.
2. Eagles black out jersey- black with an outline of green looks intimidating and very sharp.
3. Miami- the clashing of orange and aqua captures the tropical theme they were going for. Plus the logo looks great.
4. Ravens black out- most black out jerseys look good but the little bit of purple just puts it over the top.
5. Pittsburgh black top- looks great and intimidating without loosing the classic feel.

Honorable mention to the cards, texans, and the saints.

Anonymous said...
1:31 PM

top 5 worst uni's in the NFL
1. Browns- just because its old doesn't mean it classic. A memo that the entire Cleveland organization clearly missed.
2. Raiders- another team that wants to stretch the meaning of the word classic. What sucked then still sucks now.
3.49ers- dull colors along with a bad design allows the 49ers to climb all the way to number 3.
4. Redskins- Garnet and gold= good. Retarded red and mustard yellow= Bad.
5. Cowboys/Giants/Lions/Colts- Blue and white has been used 70 gillion times. 100 million dollar salary caps and that's the best you got? Pathetic.
(Panthers got creative with a lighter blue. Mind blowing creativity.)

Anonymous said...
2:12 PM

Do you still believe this after this weekend? Houston was ugly red on red on red. What was Seattle thinking? Dayglo green after years of sea fog blah.

Anonymous said...
12:49 PM

Take Note NFL Franchises Football isn't basketball baggy maybe cool on the court but on the field tighter is better. You don't want ur players getting tackled 10 yards from behind because their jersey's are so big. In a game where players love to flex their muscles & need to minimize the chances of being touched when their running for td's give em a nice fitting jersey. Great examples are the Giants & Broncos I hate these teams but perfect fit. Big jerseys Eagles, Chargers, & Patriots. Geesh Welker is so fast and quick but the Jets can reach out & grab him from last week that's how long these jerseys are. Help players out owners.

Anonymous said...
4:04 PM

placing the niners in the worst ten and then the very similar bucs in the top 5 just tells us how stupid all this is....

Anonymous said...
5:26 PM

youre fucking retarded

Anonymous said...
12:54 PM

lol this list is horrid

worst 10:

Best 5:

Anonymous said...
10:10 PM

49ers are hands down the best uniform of all times...The Chargers uniforms are the worst with their gay lightening bolt and girly powder blue.

ken said...
3:53 PM

there's a hell of a lot of brave "anonymous" posters on here. quit bitching about everything he wrote. because he didn't dive into what colors accent others and what secondary colors brings out a players eyes...geez give me a f@cking break, he posted his opinion. doesn't make him an idiot, just someone a lot of you disagree with.

Anonymous said...
12:08 AM

I've never seen a list that did not have the Raiders placed either #1 or #2. Their uniforms are legendary for being the first black jerseys, for being understated, and for never being drastically redesigned. The Bears color scheme is probably the most grotesque pairing of colors ever, aside from the Broncos and Browns jerseys, although I'd give the Bears credit for maintaining a classic look with that old-fashioned font used on the numbers.

Also, what kind of maniac would ever suggest changing the Raiders logo? It is BY FAR the most recognizable logo in the NFL, recognizable to people who don't watch football and wouldn't even be familiar with the city of Oakland. Changing that would be about the stupidest move anyone could possibly make, aside from introducing a pink-and-turquoise color scheme.

Anonymous said...
12:12 AM

What's funny is, your Worst Uniforms list is what most people would list as the Best (aside from Miami and Cleveland), and your Best list is generally accepted as some of the worst.

Anonymous said...
12:20 AM

I believe the world at large disagrees with you. Despite being one of the worst teams of the past decade, Oakland Raiders merchandise still outsells all other NFL teams by a considerably large margin.

Anonymous said...
10:27 PM

I don't think this list is that bad. I would probably of put the Cowboys in the top 5 best though. There unis are awesome!!!

Anonymous said...
5:56 PM

Ruairi says...
Re: Expansion Teams: The rule of thumb is whether "the franchise" continues, whether they relocate or change names, unis, etc. Rule of thumb #2 is the franchise continues if "they have the rights to any and all uniforms, logos, et. al." - that makes the titans, rams, cardinals, raiders, colts, and Yes, the Browns non-expansion teams. *Note: the "old" Browns franchise was arguably "robbed" from Cleveland, much like the Brooklyn Dodgers were, and as part of that controversial move, there was an agreement put in place that a.) retained all rights to the "Cleveland Browns name, colors, unis, and any/all Browns history" and b.) a secondary, less carved in stone, but still agreed upon, that Cleveland would be given an "expansion" franchise which would then be considered to be the "old cleveland browns" in history and everything else. As for the Texans, I seem to recall some agreement regarding their city being compensated with a "replacement" for the Oilers, but there was obviously no agreement (or perhaps even any desire) to retain the "Oilers" lineage, perhaps other than their chance to revive the "Oilers" name, which were and are the property of the Titans.
3rd: Uniform opinions-to begin, as a born & bred New England fan, I personally find the new-era pats look (especially the horrid logo and silver helmet) sacrilegious- the classic NE look was, imo, great, and their old all-white away unis were "timeless."
a.) Re: the Colts-first, I think they are classic and (while I find them irritating) are better off as they are than letting some moron turn them into another cartoon team. Also, you are way off base about the "too minimalistic approach...this is it" comment. Two Words: Penn State.., oh and I think those are also great unis too.
b.) I don't frankly understand your logic regarding many of your decisions. For example, take the lions, vikings, 49ers, BROWNS, and dolphins. You are 100% entitled to your opinion, but: the lions are and have been unique in their color scheme; the vikings have a great conceptual look, and they are allowed to have purple and gold because it's their team and their decision; how on earth can the 49ers NOT have GOLD as part of their color scheme??? Seriously, dislike it, but do so with common sense...; How, pray tell, should a team known as the "Cleveland Browns" not have brown as a primary color. fwiw, brown and orange is rather hideous, and I hated their look for my entire life until the Baltimore fiasco where I came to change my mind entirely - Also, I LOVE the fact that they have have retained the "no logo" helmet, which is unique and refreshing. (and moreover, how are the browns the #1 worst, and yet the Bengals are not mentioned, especially since they were "the Wannabe Browns" in colors, unis, and everything else for decades?) Lastly, the dolphins: for the record, I despise the dolphins, but, their colors (hideous as I find them) are both unique as well as fitting for a Miami-based team. Oh, and as for the record, a color cannot be "gay=homosexual," only called "gay=stupid, ugly, etc." TO BE UNMISTAKABLY CLEAR: Anyone here who suggests a team/uniform choice looks "gay" (which is obviously a slight against their masculinity) is either a.) homophobic, b.) convinced that masculinity can be confirmed/undermined by the colors one wears, or c.) both.
As an example, Palermo's soccer team wears pink with black trim: Palermo, Sicily is not a gay city, their team is not a gay team: I REPEAT: colors may be personally displeasing (i.e my opinion of VA Tech), but COLORS CANNOT BE GAY. Assuming this blog and its comments are from adults, then I seriously suggest those guilty of the "gay" references should grow up and act like adult "men."

Anonymous said...
10:37 AM

Bro, seriously, how are you gonna hate on the 49s gold and red uniform and then go ahead and say the bucs have one of the best uniforms? It just doesn't make one bit of sense.

BTW, yeah, I'm biased but the Cleveland Browns have the flat-out best uniform in the NFL. That's MY opinion

aiya said...
5:35 PM

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Anonymous said...
7:25 AM

The Patriots Old and New Uniforms are the Best, I hate the Raiders but their uniforms are pretty cool. And when the LOS ANGELES CONDORS become a team the uniform and lgog I have designed will be one of the best.

painter33 said...
9:57 AM

Uniforms do have an effect on success. I would point to the NE Patriots as but one example of a team changing from a drab, predictable scheme to a contemporary one. They seem to have chosen the right silver, the right blue, and the right mix with white as an accent. It's style over fashion and epitomized by the style that Tom Brady seems to have personalized (see his list of endorsements - high-level "fashion" companies that complement his "fashion-model wife"). When the Patriots were the same old (and same as many teams) red, white, blue they never finished the deal, but once they made the change, Super Bowl victories began. It may be (probably) coincidental that their fortunes changed when the uniforms did (and a winning coach), but it's hard to argue that the team "looks" well put together just as they play well together.

painter33 said...
10:02 AM

I also should have mentioned the change from the cartoon center to the "flying Elvis" logos. While not the best logo (or Elvis reference) it does visually convey a contemporary, aggressive forward direction (a clearly defined front and back that implies movement). It's not a stamp-type logo but one of action.

tmmcc said...
10:20 AM

The guy that wrote this list forgot to mention that he is blind!!

80sfootball said...
7:50 AM

Nice list. Here are some ugly ones from the 1980's:

Anonymous said...
4:56 PM

Moving a franchise from one city to another and changing the name of the franchise does not change or create a new franchise distinct from what existed prior to the relocation, unless the league designates the move as doing as such. Franchises are basically like accounts this way, and the leagues may close them, continue them, or create them as they see fit. Generally, when there is a move, franchise continuity is favored over discontinuity. When the Houston Oilers became first the Tennessee Oilers in 1997, then the Tennessee Titans in 1999, the NFL franchise comprising the Houston Oilers in 1996 continued to exist in 1997 and beyond in the later Tennessee Oilers and Tennessee Titans incarnations. All Houston Oilers and Tennessee Oilers history is part of Tennessee Titans franchise history. Further, even if the NFL had designated Tennessee Oilers or Titans as franchises distinct from the Houston Oilers franchise, either would have been a "replacement" franchise rather than an "expansion" franchise, because the number of NFL franchises would have remained constant from 1996 to 1997 or from 1998 to 1999. Expansion is ascribed to the league, not to a team, unless the team does something like doubling its administrative staff. The Houston Texans franchise was a 2002 NFL expansion franchise. The addition of the Texans increased the number of NFL franchises from 31 to 32. It is irrelevant to that fact that in 1952 there was a Dallas Texans NFL franchise, or that from 1960 through 1962, there was an AFL Dallas Texans franchise (currently the Kansas City Chiefs). The current Houston Texans franchise is not a continuation of either former Dallas Texans franchise. The Baltimore Ravens franchise was a 1996 NFL expansion franchise. It is not a continuation of the Cleveland Browns franchise after 1995. Could the Ravens franchise have been designated by the NFL as a continuation of the Browns franchise after 1995? Sure. The ownership for the 1995 Browns and 1996 Ravens was the same. Most of the players from both teams were the same. But that's not what the NFL did. What the NFL did was basically suspend the Cleveland Browns franchise after 1995, with intention of lifting the suspension by 1999, by having either a pre-existing NFL franchise cease operation and resume operation of the Cleveland Browns franchise, or by resuming operation of the Cleveland Browns franchise with new ownership. Ultimately, the franchise was resumed with new ownership. Although there was what was called an "expansion" draft in 1999 to help stock the Browns' roster for 1999, it was really a "special" draft, rather than an expansion draft, because the Browns franchise through 1995 was never cancelled. The years 1996 through 1998 just had a 31 franchise NFL with 30 active franchises and one suspended franchise. The Cleveland Browns NFL franchise history is singular and encompasses 1950 through the present. The all-time leading rushing yardage leader for the current NFL Cleveland Browns franchise is Jim Brown.

Anonymous said...
10:08 AM

You guys are so stupid! These are his own opinions. I bet you guys also have opinions nobody might agree with too. So leave him alone!

You can share all the opinions you want but please don't say his opinions are stupid just because you dont agree with/like them.

Anonymous said...
1:58 AM

Raider logo is wicked and popular and to modernize it would be foolish. (the raiders look is "unifinished" but the Bears are polished?)

The Rams should return to the old uniform style.

Vikings look like shit, agreed.

Colts should NEVER change their uniforms, it's classic.

MIAMI has the worst uniform, emblem, and color scheme.

Anonymous said...
9:53 PM

You are completely contradicting yourself. "Oh, the colts uniform is too simple, but the bears uniform is the best." They are the exact same simple idea with one main difference the bears suck and the colts are good. Don't hate on the colts just because your bears can't make it anywhere.
Colts Fan

Anonymous said...
10:48 AM

I think I have the exact opposite tasted in uniforms than you do. The fact that you have classic uniforms like the 49-ers and Colts and Raiders on your worst, but the overly busy, swishy swirl Falcons and the puke green Seahawks as your best basically sums it up for me. Keep it classic. Stop with the all dark solid color uniforms. They are garbage.

Anonymous said...
11:18 PM

I was surprised not to see the Bengals on here. Most people either love the jerseys or hate them. Along with the Rams these guys look like they're in costumes. Have to say though, on Halloween there's no team that looks as badass as the Bengals.

Anyway, I laughed my ass off at your commentary about the Raiders logo. I seriously lost it. I haven't laughed that hard in 6 years. Genius.

Anonymous said...
11:28 PM

Clarification: Raiders comments. Homophobic? Yes. Shame on you.

I still laughed so hard I almost crapped my pants. Just flat out wasn't expecting it. Shame on genius, you.

Anonymous said...
1:21 PM

One of these days I need to do this from the perspective of a graphic designer.

The teams whose colors, logos and jerseys show the most restraint have the best "brands."

While green and yellow aren't the best together, it's synonymous with greatness and the Packers. Their unis are classic.

I LOVE the Raiders, so classic, so simple. Black and silver look evil together.

The Eagles throwbacks look so mean. Kelly green and silver, mmmm...

I agree with the people who say the modern unis suck. It's almost like they let average fans or players design them. Pay for a design agency!

Anonymous said...
11:09 AM

10 worst:

5 best:

Anonymous said...
11:57 AM

Your list is terrible, most of the teams you had switched around, alot of the worst should be in the best and vice versa. The Browns maybe don't have the best looking uni's but there known around the world. They have a top 4 fan base along with the Steelers, Packers, and Cowboys. And it's tradition with them, just like the other 3 teams. They all basically have the same uniforms since they came into the league. It looks to me like you don't know a damn thing about football.

Adim said...
3:49 AM

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Anonymous said...
11:58 AM

I think you got it right with the bears having the best uniform. But I think that the Seahawks have a pretty bad uniform. The Giants and Saints have sweet uniforms,too.

Anonymous said...
12:09 PM

Your list is pretty good. But on my list it would go like this:

10 worst
9.San Fran. [gold pants not white]

5 best

Anonymous said...
3:37 PM

Are you blind????? Bears the best!? Colts on the worst!? I'm a Vikings fan, and thank goodness you didn't rate the Vike's on their away jerseys, cause those are gosh-aweful!

Anonymous said...
10:24 PM

Meth is bad.

Joe said...
9:03 AM

OP is an Idiot . These lists suck.

marcj said...
11:06 PM

I hate Oakland Raiders but they have best nfl uniforms ever. My favorite team is Cleveland Browns but sadly I don’t like the uniform. I feel Chicago Bears has similar uniform to Oakland Raiders. Correct?



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