Tuesday, February 12, 2008

NAACP Says Republicans Hate Black People


This story brings up the same warm and fuzzy feelings I got when Kanye West famously spewed butt vomit from his mouth about Katrina.

Here in Vegas we have a free "paper" called the CityLife. It's a typical free city paper ... full of liberals who don't think things through all the time, and advertisements for illegal sexual activity that the police never follow up on. I would like to point out that they have defended me in the past ... so they aren't all bad.

In their current addition there is a story titled "Why are you such a hater? NAACP ranks Nevada lawmakers' voting records. Guess who fails to make the grade?" The article deals with Republican lawmakers in Nevada, and how the NAACP rates their voting records. From the title you can easily see how this is going to play out.

This is how the article starts off:

REPUBLICANS USED TO like black people.

Emphasis NOT MINE.

It then goes on to lie about President Bush, and compare current Republicans with the Jim Crow Democrats. It's a very fun read if you like uneducated race baiting.

I decided that since the CityLife was quoting the NAACP's report, I should probably take a look at it myself. Even though I already knew what it said ... call it white man's intuition. You can find the report here.

It uses a standard grading system employed by most of our schools ... A-F. In the interest of time I will only address the Senate in this post. If you want to do further research on the members of congress you can start here.

Once I opened my list of members in the 110th Senate I began the slightly tedious task of seeing who failed according to the NAACP, and what their party affiliation was. To my utter lack of surprise the NAACP rated all but one Democrat (Johnson) with a passing grade, and all but two Republicans (Snowe, Specter) with failing grades. It should be noted that Snowe and Specter are what you would call faux Republicans. In other words they are mistakes that don't stand up for Republican issues. I would also like to point out the Senator Byrd was given a B by the NAACP, and he is a former klansman who still uses racial epithets.

Given that virtually all Democrats received passing grades, and virtually all Republicans received failing grades ... we must deduce that the NAACP is saying that virtually all Democrats like black people, and virtually all Republicans hate black people. It was also astounding how there were virtually no C average grades.

The NAACP's love 'em or hate 'em report falls well short of reason, and truthfulness. this is also a clear example of intentionally creating a biased "report" in order to fuel racism and hate. The issues the NAACP says they graded the politicians on were nearly all monetary in nature ... not racial. Some have said the hate crimes legislation is racial, but that is only partly true. Quite frankly, if you support hate crimes legislation you are more apt to be racist than those who oppose it. Why are the lives of certain races more valuable than the lives of others? If fact, the hate crimes legislation is in direct conflict with the principals the NAACP was founded upon. It only serves to divide the races ... not bring them together on a level playing field. On top of that, why would you want a third party deciding what is, and is not, a hate crime. Aren't all violent crimes hate crimes?

The truly sad part of the NAACP's arguments is that they seem to say that black people can't succeed without government help. Hardly empowering, or a vote of confidence on behalf of the black community in the United States. Just take a few minutes to read their report on the issues they wanted all members of congress to support, and then research those issues via a third party website like Gov Track or Vote Smart so you don't get biased interpretation of the legislation.

You'll notice that the legislation the NAACP supports suggests that you black folks out there can't succeed unless the government has some special program the help you out. In other words the NAACP thinks you are not self-sufficient, educated, or hard working. They don't seem the think you can't be successful unless you play sports. Republican lawmakers and myself give you far more credit. We also understand that the average black person doesn't walk around believing that all Republicans hate them, and all Democrats love them. Since we understand that, and you understand that ... maybe it's time to make the NAACP understand the same truth.


2 comments to "NAACP Says Republicans Hate Black People"

Steven said...
3:01 PM

I wrote a similar blog not too long before you wrote this. It's sad that the NAACP and other organizations of the like feel the way they do. They are truly what make the extreme leftists.

Anonymous said...
10:12 PM

I'm sorry those kinds of attitudes exist in the Republican Party. I'm a Republican, and more of us need to share the same vision as Abe Lincoln. Everyone's created equal. Fight the good fight until all good people are treated with respect, no matter what race or gender. May god bless you and your desire for justice.



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