Monday, February 18, 2008

Freedom! Kosovo Independence Is Good For The World

As you know by now, Kosovo has declared its independence from Serbia. The internet is bustling with theories on if this is a good or bad thing. Even John Bolton is weighing in on the issue by saying it is no bueno. I myself couldn't be happier for the Kosovars, and I am much more optimistic than many out there.

Hotair asked the question earlier on if this was good or bad, but they missed some key points while remaining reserved in their optimism.

There are a few things we must keep in mind before we start making assumptions that Kosovo will become FOB al Qaeda. First and foremost is that the Kosovars love the United States. Let's not forget that it was the Christians who were the bad guys in that conflict, and the Muslims were fighting for their lives. While the Muslim world, including al Qaeda, left the Kosovars to die ... it was the US who was able to finally stop Milosevic and his Tigers from wiping them off the face of the earth. Bin Laden has even admitted that our aid to Kosovo led to his war with us. They have never forgotten this, and it is confirmed by everyone I speak with returning from their tour of duty there.

The western world, including the US, still has a serious military presence in Kosovo because we have been the ones defending it since the late 90's. While al Qaeda may attempt to move into Kosovo they will do it at great risk. Bin Laden has been trying to solidify a jihadi movement in Kosovo since at least 2000, but it has never really taken hold.

I would also like to point out that Kosovo could have named themselves the 'Islamic State of Kosovo,' but they didn't. They chose the 'Republic of Kosovo." I think that is significant, and deserves more attention. Something can also be said for only western countries officially recognizing Kosovo's independence. Especially since the US, who has long supported Kosovo independence, will be first in line with a whole host of diplomatic offers. At the end of the day though we can all agree that if Russia and China are opposed to it ... chances are it will benefit us.


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