Saturday, February 02, 2008

Mir Submits Lesnar At UFC 81!


A huge congrats goes to Frank Mir who fights out of my gym, Striking Unlimited. Frank is also a coach at Striking Unlimited, and SU owner/head trainer Ken Hahn really got Mir ready for the fight. Mir submitted Brock Lesnar in the first round as Brock made his debut in the UFC. No doubt things will be great at SU next week. It's always good when your fighters, who happen to be your coaches, come home with a win.

Everyone who has been talking trash about Mir owes him a big apology. He clearly proved his naysayers wrong tonight.

Brock came out with the intent of bullying Mir with his strength, and for a time it appeared that he may be able to pull off the upset over Mir. However, Lesnar left his leg open as he was looking for an opening to drop punches down upon Mir, and Frank took Brock down. It wasn't long before Lesnar had to tap, or lose the use of his leg.

I often refer to Frank Mir as the former and future heavyweight champion of the UFC, and he showed that he is more than capable of being just that tonight.

Although Lesnar lost the fight he did show that he can be a force in the UFC heavyweight ranks. Brock came close to pulling off a victory, but ultimately fell victim to his own lack of experience. Had Lesnar been in the octagon with the average UFC heavyweight ... he most likely would have pulled off the win. Lesnar may not be ready for world class Jiu Jitsu fighters yet, but there aren't many of them to worry about in the heavyweight division as he learns and improves in his craft.

With Nogueira defeating Sylvia to win the interim heavyweight title the stage is set for a Mir Nogueira title fight, and a grudge match between Lesnar and Sylvia. Brock has been talking a lot of trash about Sylvia for losing to Couture, and I doubt Sylvia will let that go. This would be two great fights! On one hand you have two masters of Jiu Jitsu with Mir and Nogueira ... on the other you have two brawlers in Sylvia and Lesnar.

All in all, UFC 81 was a good PPV. My only complaint is that Mir was introduced before Lesnar. This is a breach of etiquette in the fight world. Traditionally the fighter who is, or has been, champion is introduced second. It was completely disrespectful in my opinion.


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