Sunday, February 03, 2008

Remember Kids, Hillary Loves Black People

So I was stumbling the other day, and I came across a "race card." Yes, I literally ran across a race card. I told myself that I could use this repeatedly on my blog for the race baiting that is constantly going on in the world, or at least every time Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson open their mouths. It took two days before I had the opportunity to use it, and that's without me looking for anything. So without further ado ...

Why am I pulling the race card out? Good question. The race card is now in play because of a thoroughly disgusting and contrived piece in the NYT. What else is new right.

Here's the pic that the NYT leads off with:

Nice huh?

Growing up in the palest of Chicago suburbs, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton had some of her earliest exposures to African-Americans through field trips. She sat in the back of her father’s Cadillac as he detoured through the inner city, cautioning her about the fate of people who, in his conservative Republican view, lacked the self-discipline to succeed.

Nice! Not only do we get some race card playage, but we get an attack on heartless Republicans as well. It must be my birthday!

She took a sociology course at Wellesley College that included a trip through Boston’s poor areas. On Tuesdays, she went to a housing project in Cambridge to mentor “underprivileged Negroes,” as she wrote to Don Jones, her minister back home, who had taken her to hear the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. speak in Chicago four years earlier.

Wait, wait, wait. Did the NYT say that Hillary called black people "Negroes?" This hasn't been a campaign issue yet? None of my black friends would respond well to me calling them Negroes ... would yours? Mitt Romney has been attacked for being a racist simply because he's Morman. I don't recall anyone attacking Romney for actually making a racist statement. So Romney gets attacked, but Hillary gets a pass on this one incident? I'm surprised Obama supporters haven't gobbled this up yet.

Before I forget ... Hillary supporters can not use the argument that it was politically correct to say Negro back then. Why? Because you wouldn't accept anyone using the other n-word when they were young and living in a time when that was the societal norm. Remember, George Allen was accused of using the n-word (amongst other things) in the early 70's. Allen was attacked non stop in the press and by Democrats for these unfounded allegations that were denied by several black people who went to school with him. No double standards you kids!

The Times continues to glorify Hillary's contribution to black folks everywhere in the piece, but I won't bore you with it. If you really are into self torture you can go to the link and read it yourself.

After finishing the piece I got a very different view than that of which the NYT was trying to paint. Hillary would only go into black neighborhoods because she was forced to on field trips, or her dad. Then when she did go their on her own she called them all "underprivileged Negroes." You can paint a picture with poo and garbage you know. It may not be a masterpiece, but it is still considered "art." That's what the NYT has done here ... given you a piece of art that clearly isn't news, but is only usable as a decorative piece.

I'm more "picky" about my art ...


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