Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Another "Non Hate Crime" Against A White Guy

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Yet another video to be used for recruitment by white supremacists.

There was apparently a dispute because of the small walk way in this store. We all know how that went down, but I'll leave it to your imagination. As this white guy was paying for his merchandise he was surrounded by a group of young black people. They were continuing to yell things at him while he was at the counter until he was finally sucker punched by a punk coward.


The unbelievable images show a shopper just trying to pay up at a corner deli, when out of nowhere he is laid out with a haymaker that conjures memories of a young Mike Tyson.

I don't know if it is more disturbing that the attack took place without any cries of this possibly being a hate crime, or the fact that the news seems so enamored with the way this guy was attacked. Why don't they use terms with a negative connotation like savage, cowardly, or vicious. Instead they use glorifying terms like comparing the attacker to a professional boxer, walloped, the pain, and fierce. Those are all terms we use for endearment ... not to describe a mugging. Which is exactly what this was ... a mugging.

The victim takes the brunt of the blow to the head and neck and goes sprawling to the floor. The assailant leaves, but some in his posse go over to the prone victim and take his money.

Absolutely disgusting that the media isn't portraying this for what it really is. A punk coward was too damn chicken to face this guy honorably, and decided to sneak around him to attack from behind. There wasn't any skill displayed here, and as a fighter I can say that with absolute moral authority. It was an amateur punch that was thrown sloppily. The only reason it was effective was that the victim didn't know it was coming, and it is easy to knock someone out when you attack them from behind and hit them on the side of the jawline. This attack hardly deserves to be compared with the skill of a former heavyweight champion.

Then there is this little tidbit which puts the worst of white racism on display as well. The difference is that they will call this racist, but they won't even investigate if the attack above was based on race.



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