Monday, October 01, 2007

Harry Reid Demands Rush Apologize To Fake Soldiers

Keep in mind that Reid is NOT asking Rush to apologize to real soldiers who oppose the war, but to the fake soldiers that Rush was talking about on his program the other day while he was talking with a real soldier.

Here's the deal ... I'm going to pass you onto Hotair for the story because they've done it well. I would like to add a couple of things onto their list pointing out Reid's hypocrisy.

It's ok for Reid and his money-machine to attack real soldiers for political gain, but it isn't ok for Rush to attack fake soldiers who've never served?

I called Reid's Las Vegas office just before writing this. I was put on hold, and it sounded like they were busy. It's pretty common for Nevadans to inundate Reid's office after he says stupid things.

They came back on the line and asked how they could help me. I identified myself immediately so they knew who I was, and said I was calling about Reid asking for Rush to apologize. Immediately, the tone of the other guys voice changed to a "not again" defeated, disconnected demeanor.

He said:


To which I replied by saying:

"This is a joke isn't it?"

To my surprise he said:


Clearly he didn't mean to, but it shows how he became a non-thinking robot once he knew I wasn't on his side. He then tried to speak over me, and was trying to say that he would pass it along. I interrupted him though, and was able to get out what I wanted to say.

"You do realize that Rush was talking about Jesse MacBeth ... who was a fake soldier who never served?"

He then responded by saying that he would:

"Relay my concerns to the senator."

Then we hung up.


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