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FINALLY, Someone Covers Why The Decline In Violence In Iraq Is Not News

H/T Hotair for the vid

Now it's time to go to work ripping these two idiot ladies to pieces.

Kurtz made it a point to tell you how major papers buried the news that I told you a week ago. He went on by giving the numbers of decline in Iraq deaths, and playing a clip from Gibson's program. Gibson was the lone exception in making the decline in Iraq deaths a lead story. Gibson reported that it was the fourth straight month that US deaths declined, and that Iraqi civilian deaths dropped by 50%.

Enter guest Robin Wright who proceeded to say that the news of the declines in deaths should NOT have been front page news. She went on to talk about an "enormous dispute" in how casualties are counted, and that we were at the beginning of a trend that we weren't sure was a trend yet.

She then talks about the military looking for irreversible momentum ... which would be after two months. She says that we haven't reached that time frame yet, but keep in mind that this was the fourth consecutive month of decline in troop deaths. That's a full 100% longer than she was looking for.

Barbara Star then weighs in on the issue by saying that "we don't know if it's a trend." She also said that it was not "enduring progress", but that it was a positive step. Kurtz then interrupted and said that if the numbers showed US and Iraqi casualties going up, it would have been front page news. Star agreed with him on that, and said that by "any definition, that is news." So why is it that by any definition an increase in casualties is news, but not a decrease?

Star went on to criticize the Pentagon for saying that there has been progress for five years (and there has been), but that she needed to see "a little bit more than one month before she gets too excited." Again, the numbers are four months straight of decline.

Either these two ladies are utterly stupid, or they didn't pay attention to the fact that these were four month numbers, or they are running damage control to negate any positives in Iraq. I'll let you decide which it is.

The bottom line is that US troop deaths are at a 14 month low. How is that for irreversible momentum? To top that off ... overall Iraqi violence, ethno-sectarian murders, and terrorism in Iraq and around the world is down from 2006.

If they were looking for more than a month of progress ... they got it. We can add in the increase in Iraqi cooperation with coalition forces, and the massive increase in weapons caches seized also. All have been increasing every month since June of '06. Even with a steady year of major leaps forward in Iraq ... the news still will not cover it because they are waiting for the insurgents to have a good month.


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