Wednesday, September 05, 2007

See, I Told You Steroids Had Nothing To Do With The Benoit Murders

I have received great criticism for openly stating that steroids had no possible role in the Benoit murders. It really isn't that difficult to understand, but people are idiots. The situation isn't made any easier with the media constantly using the "roid rage" myth as a way to explain the murders.

Bottom line is, there was a crime that needs to be solved. No one benefits from us perpetuating the lie that Benoit murdered his family in a three day roid rage that has never been seen before in the history of mankind.

If Benoit did murder his family (and there are questions) then we need to find out why. Was it an event that happened in their lives? Was she leaving him? Did he catch her having an affair? Perhaps it was the drugs he was taking. After all, we already know that Percocet and Xanax can lead to violent behavior. It's well documented, and widely accepted that these drugs have violent side effects. If drugs led Benoit to murder ... it is far more likely that these are the prime suspects ... not steroids.

However, now we are learning that there is another possible explanation as to why Benoit would suddenly become violent towards his family.

Fox News:

Pro wrestler Chris Benoit suffered brain damage from his years in the ring that could help explain why he killed his wife, son and himself, a doctor who studied Benoit's brain said Wednesday.

The analysis by doctors affiliated with the Sports Legacy Institute suggests repeated concussions could have contributed to the killings at Benoit's suburban Atlanta home.

Finally, a legitimate explanation!

The level of brain damage Benoit had can cause depression and irrational behavior, Cantu said.

Benoit's brain showed the same degenerative processes that doctors working for the institute found in the brains of three men who had played pro football and committed suicide, Cantu said. There were abnormal protein deposits caused by trauma to Benoit's brain, Cantu said.

There's no evidence that steroid use causes such protein deposits, Cantu said, though he noted the issue has not been exhaustively studied.

Would anyone like to take a stab as to why the institute was studying Benoit's brain?

Michael Benoit said Wednesday that he agreed to the testing because murder-suicide was out of character for his son. He also disclosed that after the killings, he discovered a diary written by his son that showed his son was having problems.

"After reading the diary, I would have thought it was written by someone who was extremely disturbed at the time," Michael Benoit said.

He did not elaborate, but he did say a friend told him that prior to the murder-suicide, Chris Benoit had been wearing a rosary, which he said was also out of character.

This is extremely important. While it can not be determined that the brain damage caused Benoit to snap ... we now have Benoit's diary. Benoit was displaying unusual character for himself for an extended period of time before the murders. Thus, proving once and for all that steroids had nothing to do with the murders.


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