Monday, September 10, 2007

Poll: Should Parents Be Put In Jail If Their Kids Skip School

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Parents in the Panhandle may face jail time if their children continue to skip school.

Officials in Escambia County are weighing a tough new penalty that says if children have 10 unexcused absences in 90 calendar days, their parents would be put behind bars.

Officials said children who miss that much school put their entire futures in jeopardy.

I have a big problem with this, and it is popping up all over the country. We were all kids once, and we know how the ditching game works. You get dropped off at school by your parents. Then you wait for them to leave, and sneak out. How in the hell can you hold a parent responsible for that?

What ticks me off more is that schools hammer into kids from an early age that THE SCHOOL is responsible for the children until they get home. Why aren't school officials going to be arrested? Nine times out of ten it is the school that allows the kid to just walk off campus. You can't hold a parent responsible for that.

This is just another way of removing responsibility from the schools for protecting kids, and securing more federal funding. That is the only reason they even care that kids come to school ... because they lose money if a child is absent.


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