Saturday, September 08, 2007

Illegal Uses 'Guilt Trip' Of Losing Her Baby To Remain In The US

  • Sneak into the US illegally -- check!
  • Continue to break US law for over a decade -- check!
  • Open an illegal business -- check!
  • Get pregnant to make it easier to stay in the US -- check!
  • Finally get caught by the authorities -- check!
  • Blame your miscarriage on the 'rough' treatment you received being deported -- check!
  • Go to court -- check!
  • Use a guilt trip to get the judge to allow you to stay in the US permanently -- check!

She is also "happy" and "very excited" at what has happened. Not very motherly of her to be happy given that she just miscarried.

Philadelphia Enquirer:

An illegal Chinese immigrant who miscarried twins after being hustled off for deportation by federal authorities in Philadelphia last year will be allowed to stay in the country permanently, a judge has ruled.

"I feel happy, very excited," Zhen Xing Jiang, 33, said yesterday. "I don't need to hide now."

Jiang's husband said the Philadelphia couple would like to resume a normal life, perhaps even running their own restaurant, as they had in the past. He said he hoped the decision would bolster his case for permanent residency.

"Finally, finally, we can settle down and make a living," said Tian Xiao Zhang, 36. He said their two young sons were overjoyed.

Jiang "is now allowed to stay in America," said her attorney, Richard Bortnick of the Cozen O'Connor law firm, reading from the order of federal Immigration Judge Barbara Nelson. "Her status is changed from illegal status to legal status."

Essentially the judge ruled that it was "our bad" to have tried to deport a pregnant woman, and it may have led to her miscarriage.

Jiang entered the United States illegally in 1995, coming from Fujian province on China's southeast coast, and for nearly a decade helped her husband run their Chinese restaurant in Philadelphia. On Feb. 7, 2006, she was 13 weeks pregnant with twins when she arrived at the Center City immigration office for what she expected to be a routine interview.

Instead, as her family sat unaware in the lobby, Jiang was taken into custody and driven to New York's John F. Kennedy Airport for immediate deportation.

The effort to expel her was halted when Jiang, complaining of stomach pain, was taken to a hospital and doctors learned she had miscarried.

In interviews, Jiang said she was roughly shoved into a van in Philadelphia and that her pleas for medical help were at first ignored - allegations the government denied.

They applied for asylum because of China's one child policy, but the government never really got to that part of the case. Yes, their two current children are US citizens.


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