Wednesday, November 28, 2007

US Army Releases List Of Offensive Words. Guess What Word Is Left Off The List.

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Obviously, there is a major problem with many of these terms being "offensive", and there is great concern in reading this list as a former grunt myself. If you are in the Army, but aren't allowed to say you were a guinea pig ... there is a problem.

It isn't the ridiculous things that have been deemed offensive by the Army that I'd like to focus on here, but the lack of one particular derogatory slur.

There are a couple of words and phrases referring to homosexuals ... except for THAT one ... fagot.

Sorry John Edwards ... looks like you are still fair game according to the Army. They don't include the f word in their list of offensive terms.


2 comments to "US Army Releases List Of Offensive Words. Guess What Word Is Left Off The List."

Anonymous said...
5:32 PM

are you kidding me!!!!!!!thats the problem with american culture,its all about me,i made the big play,let me pound my chest.i'm the man,no one is as good as me.hey,some one is fighting let me through a punch for no real reason other then its in my blood,thats how i was raised.its me im king of da hood.lets get a hold of our selves its a few racialy motivated ass' that need to have it handed to them,otherwise they are to stupid or to lazy to do for them selves.if you dont like what you hear tell that person with out gettin all gansta on them.
late,rack me

Anonymous said...
2:55 PM

Hey, here's a concept. FREEDOM of SPEECH!!! But, it's not fair to offend others and I agree, but as a person, speak up to those being idiots and do try to take away what I and many others fought for "FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!!" No longer land of the free, we're land of the few complainers and they're changing everyone else's way of life.



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